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The SEOChallenge

Bond With Baby 4D SEO

Getting Started – SEO in Mt. Pleasant SC

Bond With Baby 4D was a brand new company when they contacted us. They weren’t even open yet, and we were set to task to design them a logo and a beautiful mobile responsive website design that would showcase their superior 4D technology. Their goal was to open their elective ultrasound office in Mount Pleasant and get the word out quickly that they were new and had the latest and greatest imaging equipment available.

This was important because when viewing your baby on previous ultrasound technology, detail was limited, grainy and very hard to make out at times. With 4D ultrasound technology, you could watch the baby move around, hiccup, suck its thumb, kick and more.

The challenge with Bond With Baby 4D was they were a brand new company and wanted to dominate Google with search engine optimization.

Keyword rankings

SEO Results

Slaying the SEO Dragon

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a methodical, well thought out strategy and our plan is always to attack and dominate. We started with keyword research to see what people were looking for regarding elective ultrasounds. Then, narrowed down our target keywords and focused on SEO in Charleston, SC.

Then, we started the optimization process that led to weekly and monthly improvements. We can now proudly say that Bond With Baby 4D is ranking #1 on Google for all keywords and phrases that we targeted as well as ones we didn’t necessarily target. The owner of Bond With Baby 4D was so pleased with the results that they hired us to start SEO on their Chiropractic office in Mt. Pleasant as well, and we are currently going strong on that campaign.

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