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The SEOChallenge

SEO Company Charlotte NC Stewarts Landscaping

Getting Started – SEO Charlotte NC

Stewart’s Landscaping LLC is a local Charlotte company who was referred to us and was in dire need of a professional web presence that would match their quality hardscapes and landscapes. Not only that but the owner wanted to attack Google rankings and generate leads through the website.

The website design came to fruition within 5 weeks and near launch we prepared for the coming SEO campaign. 

The challenge with Stewart’s Landscaping was they were a successful existing company with literally zero web presence and wanted to dominate Google with search engine optimization.

SEO Results

SEO Campaign in Progress: 5th month

With every project involving a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign, we create a detailed strategy based on keyword research, competition analysis and site analysis. Stewart had a specific set of keywords he wanted to rank for, so we took his list and added to that list with our recommendations, then researched each phrase.

We got started optimizing the website for our target keywords. Within a few short weeks, we were already seeing vast improvements in keyword rankings. The most difficult of our group of targets is landscaping company Charlotte NC. The competition for that keyword is the heaviest because of the amount of companies offering the same service. However, for all other keywords in just 5 months, we have reached the 1st page with 4 keywords on Bing and on Google we have reached the 1st page with  2 keywords. Outstanding SEO results for just a few short months. Stewart plans to continue his SEO plan until all keywords are ranked at the top of the first page. 

SEO Company Charlotte NC Stewarts Landscaping

Actual Keyword Rankings Attained