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SEO For Newborn Photography Company

Getting Started – SEO for Photography Company

Mandy Clark Photography was a well established newborn photographer in Charleston, SC when she came to us for SEO help. Mandy was struggling to juggle multiple hats including keeping up with her website and trying to improve her search engine rankings on top of all of her photography clients. She had done an admirable job, but could quite get to the top. 

SEO is a large task even for SEO experts. There are so many variables that go into search engine rankings and without proper knowledge it is difficult to meet the requirements needed to rank high.

The challenge with Mandy Clark Photography was moving from the second page to the first page with search engine optimization.

SEO For Newborn Photography Company

SEO Results

Ranking High for Photography Keywords

With so many photographers in Charleston, SC and around the globe, we knew that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was going to be a challenge for Mandy Clark Photography. However, unlike many companies, she had a good base to start with and her rankings were on the fringe of being very good. 

We cleaned up all the little things and built content, acquired links to improve the quality and quantity of links out there on the web. Progress was slower than normal because of the quality of competition. Charleston is home to many photographers. We’re proud and happy to say that every keyword that we targeted is ranked very high on Google and Bing on page 1—Those are real results.


Actual Keyword Rankings Attained