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The SEOChallenge

Regional SEO Package for Boone Flooring Charleston SC

Getting Started – SEO in Charleston SC

Boone Flooring was a well established company when they contacted SEO Slayers, but their website and overall web presence, much like many other construction related companies was neglected. Owner, Brad Boone, came to us wanting to generate new leads from his website especially from upscale communities like Kiawah Island, SC and all of Charleston, SC. The first step was giving his brand a facelift.

We designed a new logo design, then started developing his new website. Brad was blown away at his new image immediately. We had not only built him a great website design, but we gave him a company image that he could market.

The next step was performing search engine optimization on his website and getting ranked not only locally in Charleston, but also regionally. 

regional SEO package Charleston SC

SEO Results

Slaying the SEO Dragon

We asked Brad exactly what he wanted to rank for, and he gave us a list of his most wanted keywords. We researched those keywords to find out what exact terms people were searching for, the competition for those keywords and the amount of monthly searches. We then selected our target keywords based on our list and began optimizing the website for Regional SEO rankings.

After a few short weeks, our target keywords were rising quickly. Flooring companies and construction companies often neglect their marketing because they live off of referrals, but when they do so, they leave their companies high and dry when those referrals slow down. Brad wanted to supplement his referrals, and he has had great success with generating online leads with his website. Boone Flooring is now in their 15 month of SEO and has attained first page rankings for 13 keywords including the 5 main targets.


Actual Keyword Rankings Attained